Saturday, November 14, 2009

S turned A Dozen - Happy 12th Birthday Day!

Today November 14, 2009 my daughter, S turned a DOZEN! Hard to believe that I had her tweleve years ago. We had her party at Lucky Strikes a bowling alley with about Eleven of her BFF's.

She got some great gifts. She simply LOVES Aeropstale - so you can image how EXSTATIC she was with the $25.00 Aeropstale gift card from Amber and the white Aeropstale hoodie sweat shirt from Christina and the amazing Aeropstale shoulder bag she got from Diana (Christina's twin sister). It sure didn;t compare to my $50.00 gift card to Target(!).

She also LOVED the Webkinz Zebra and Zebra print (with a pink S) mug, and mini zebra print book. She got some really cool sets of PJ's and other nice gifts her friends were very generous.

I bought her a black coat but I am sure she LOVES the Aeropstale coat & Aeropstale sweater that Moms bought her. I think next week she is getting a digital camera from her uncle. She REALLY wants a lap top and she will probably get an affordable one.

I survived her final TWEEN B-DAY and next year she will begin her TEEN journey.

A DOZEN BIRTHDAYS have passed us by - and that also means that I too am a DOZEN years older...I hope I become wiser by November 14, 2010!


Aéropostale may refer to:
Aéropostale (clothing), an apparel retailer

Aéropostale (aviation), formally la Compagnie générale aéropostale, a defunct French airmail company

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