Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Olympic Torch Run - by Attorney, John Raftery

"The torch run was amazing. The reception of the crowd along the streets as we ran through wasbuoyant; there was joy and a spirit of people united, if only briefly, by the flame which had travelled from Olympia, Greece, on its way to Vancouver. I was truly honoured to participate in carrying the flame"! John Raftery -

John Raftery carrying the 2010 Winter Olympic Game Torch
photo taken by Julia Raftery.

The Olympic Torch Run

John carried the Olympic Flame in the Torch Run on Sunday, December 20th , at approximately 11:08 a.m which started at the Maple Crest Village on Main St. E. in Grimsby, Ontario, and went approximately 300 metres to the Queens Lawn Cemetery, also on Main St. E. in Grimsby.


This is soooo exciting! I love watching the OLYMPICS! Those amazing athletes will come together from around the world and share their passion, committment and love of their sport/s.

Can you imagine the support and training they endure?

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