Monday, January 14, 2008



“All of us love applause, and so we should –
it means that the listener likes us”!
Emanuel Ax

The Audience has answered back! For our final performance last night the Audience stood up and gave us another Standing Ovation! This was pretty fitting since our Grand Finale number was “APPLAUSE” from the Tony Award Winning Broadway Musical APPLAUSE.

We enjoyed our cast party and have been asked to perform again on March 7, 2008. Many performers are like speakers – we are always looking for our next show/gig. Of course most of us will be able to perform, but some of us will be in other shows or some of us will take a much needed break. As for me personally I will do the March 7th gig but I will be unable to audition for another show for quite awhile.

I am going to be very busy with my Toastmasters District 31 Duties for the next six months. Currently I am serving as the 2007-2008 Lt. Governor of Marketing which covers Eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. But it was especially fun to be able to perform in the same show with my child – Sabrina did GREAT!! APPLAUSE APPLAUSE!!

I added this vide clip of the song APPLAUSE (this is NOT from my theatre production but I thought you make get a kick out of it…like I did…


Do you have to put things you like to do on hold for a while too in order to do other things that NEED to get done?

How do you choose which things you will do and which things you will put on hold?

OR is there something(s) that keep(s) you from doing what you REALLY WANT TO DO… family commitments, working hours, travel, time?


The other day I mentioned that as one of my New Years Resolutions I would start sharing a Fact on my BLOG so in keeping with my promise from Fact

On January 14, 1639 The first constitution of Connecticut, Fundamental Orders, was adopted.

And on January 14, 1990 The Simpsons premiered on television.


Applause is a receipt, not a bill.” Dale Carnegie

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