Sunday, August 17, 2008

Alsaka Air !

Friends - I have SOOO much to report about my trip to Calgary and I promise I will - especially since I KNOW people are reading it - and I met some of you at the Toastmasters International Convention who told me you do!! AND THANK YOU!!

BUT right now I am eagerly awaiting for Sabrina's flight to land in Portland Oregon on Alsaka Air that is currently 36400 feet and about to land - that left from Boston an hour late today and managed to gain time in the air and land a minute earlier that scheduled. This is her first flight unaccompanied by me and she still has another connecting flight from Oregon to Spokane Washington - where I will meet her at the airport - PROUD MOM!!

This morning I left the Hyatt in Calgary and drove for seven hours in a 1995 Power Stroke - F250 Ford Pick Up with a LOUD engine and bug guts splattered on the wind shield - talk about culture shock - I am now on a farm with two dogs, three cats and seven horses - more on all of this and the wonder time I had reconnecting with friends, finally meeting online friends and making new friends around the WORLD.

I am soooo tired but promise to post more!!


Anonymous said...

Sherri -- I just heard you on WBUR. Thank you for doing what you're doing -- you are eloquent and courageous. What you are doing will help a lot of women.

Thanks, again and congratulations on your award.

Anonymous said...

From your Punch Buggy article, I was concerned that your daughter might be riding in the front seat.

Passengers in the back seat consistently come through motor vehicle collisions more safely than those in the front seat (no criticism of your driving intended; one can be involved in a collision, and not be at fault!) Also, front passenger seat air bags can kill persons of under 100

Travel safely,
John Raftery

Anonymous said...

Hi Sherri, please relax and enjoy. Then, come back to be the leader and speaker that you want to be. Miss you my friend. --Imelda

Sherri Raftery, M.Ed. said...

Thank you for your comments - please inform me of who your are so I can send you and email!

Imelda - great rooming with you in Calgary at the Toastmasters Convention!! I hope you also continue to develop the Speaker and Leader you are especially with the Spanish speaking population!!