Monday, December 29, 2008

God Bless Past District 31 Governor, Charlie Keane, DTM

District 31 whice covers the North and South Shores of Boston, eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island -

Past District 31 Governor, Charlie Keane earns the 2003 - 1004 Excellence in Leadership Award !

Greetings Fellow Toastmasters,

It is with regret that I send the news today about Past District Governor, Charlie Keane, DTM who passedaway on Sunday December 28, 2008.

Please review the following note and the details below from his friend Jennifer O'Leary:

Charlie had been suffering from a compression fracture (the result of osteoporosis) and after some hospitalization, suffered from other issues, including various infections.

Charlie Keane was born on July 19 1906, and died December 28, 2008. He was a member of Toastmasters since the 1950s...and served District 31 for many years most notably as the 2003-2004 District 31 Governor. He was a cost engineer by profession and retired from the firm of Camp Dresser & McGee in his mid 80s. He also went back to school after retirement, and obtained a degree from University of Massachusetts.

There will be a wake on Saturday, Jan 3, at the Carroll Thomas Funeral Home in Hyde Park , 22 Oak Street from 9 – 10:30 followed by a mass at 11:00 at Most Precious Blood Church across the street in Hyde Park.

Toastmasters was such an important part of his life.

Sincerely, Jennifer Lynch

P.S. there should be a notice in the Boston Globe on Thusday,
Jan 1, 2009.


In Memoriam of Charlie Keane taken from the District 31 Website/Igroops

"Charles V. Keane, DTM, District Governor, 2003-2004. With a “career” in Toastmasters that spans over half a century, Charlie Keane, DTM, has served with distinction in every district office. His passion for Toastmasters coupled with his unparalleled experience and enthusiasm, will forge the way to the District’s success in his 2003-2004 term".

"From the first time that Charlie attended a Toastmasters meeting in October 1953 to the present, he has been captivated by its program and potential. He quickly started his half- century of active participation and dedication to Toastmasters by organizing and serving as the founding President of the Stoughton Toastmasters Club #1556 in May 1954, shortly after his introduction to Toastmasters".

"Some of Charlie’s contributions to District 31 include being elected Lt. Governor of District 31 in 1957, being appointed General Chairman for the International President’s visit in 1961 and 1987, and being elected Lt. Governor of Education and Training in 2002-2003".

"Charlie is a constant, fervent achiever, and has earned two DTM Awards. Charlie’s vision of Toastmasters extends beyond District 31. He has attended 15 International Conventions since 1984. Charlie’s impressive professional and community experience have enhanced his ability to lead the District".

"The District honored Charlie with the first District 31 Lifetime Achievement Award for his passion, participation, and dedication to Toastmasters. Charlie’s record of service to District 31 remains incomparable. He is truly District 31’s star".

At the Fall 2007 Conference Charlie also recieved a Citation for his years as a leader from the State Representative Mark Falzone.

Toastmsters District Governor - What is role and responsibility?

District officers form a leadership team dedicated to the mission of Toastmasters International. Both challenging and rewarding, your leadership role requires you to motivate others to achieve goals. The experience will enhance your own skills, and you'll have the satisfaction of knowing you have helped others grow.

How do you become one?
The district governor, lieutenant governor education and training, lieutenant governor marketing and division governor are all elected by the district council. The public relations officer, secretary and treasurer may be elected or appointed by the district governor (subject to approval by the district council). Area governors may be elected by area councils or appointed by and serve at the will of the district governor. WHQ recommends that they be appointed.

What are the rules?
To hold any elected or appointed district office, you must be a club member in good standing. The deadline to submit district officer appointments to WHQ is July 15. Any officer assignments made after September 1 will not receive credit as having served a full-year officer term.

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