Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Home's Board of Ambassadors

Sherri Raftery, alumna of The Home, 2008 Voices & Visions Honoree, 2010 Board of Ambassadors.

"I was just about twelve years old when I first came to The Home for Little Wanderers. My Mom made it sound like I was just going to camp for a while. I waited and waited, but she never came back for me. It was 1977 when I was placed at Orchard Home, a group home for adolescents with emotional and behavioral problems. It has since merged with Longview Farm—where my brother Joseph once lived".

It is official - I am on THE HOME's Board of Ambassadors!

I met with Bob Sherburn & Scott Inman from The Home last week for lunch to discuss ways that I can assist on the Board of Amassadors and yesterday I recieved my letter in the mail:

Dear Ms. Raftery:

I am pleased to inform you that you have been approved by The Home for Little Wanderers Nominating and Developing Committee to serve as a member on our Board of Amabassadors...

Brain Davis, Chair of the Nominating Committee, Board of Directors

I am thrilled of this honor to be able to assist The Home by sharing my personal story and journey about growing up during my formative years as a resident and client of THE HOME. This is my way of giving back to an amazing organization that has assisted many children and families througout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts - me included. I realize that I am lucky to have been one of them and I want to let others know how much it means to people who had similar circumstances.

How are YOU giving back to those people and organizations that have made a difference in YOUR life?

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john raftery said...

In the same way that you are giving back by participating on the Board of Ambassadors, I try to give back by particpating on the Board of Directors of the Cabbagetown Youth Centre, the home of the boxing club which mentored me through many years of competitive boxing.

What other ideas do your readers have?

Sherri Raftery, M. Ed. said...

Hi John!
Thank you for your post! Great to see you giving back!

Yes, would love to hear from others too on how they are giving back to organizations that have made a difference in their lives.